What You Should Look for When Comparing Spy Cameras

If you’re in the market for spy cameras, you no doubt realize that there are dozens of choices, with many features and capabilities to choose from. When you shop for a camera, you can easily end up with either far more or far less than you need. The key is to not focus on what the camera costs or how many great features it has, but on your requirements for a camera.

Your first step in finding a spy camera is to understand what spy cameras can do, and why you would want to use a covert camera. If you already have a purpose in mind for your video or still camera, you are well on your way to knowing what you need.

If you are a business owner, you may choose to use a hidden camera to protect your employees and prevent theft. Your primary concern may be avoiding employee theft, and for that reason you may choose to install a camera near the cash register.

Installing a covert surveillance device will let you monitor employees and reduce employee theft, but it will also have other benefits. You will lessen “time theft,” in the form of employees leaving early or hanging out with friends during working hours. This alone will make your business more profitable and help you run your company more smoothly.

One thing many business owners don’t think about is the customer service end of spy cameras. As you monitor your employees by use of one or more spy cameras, you may notice some behaviors that don’t meet your standards. You can use this as an opportunity to teach your employees how to treat customers well. When you have an example on tape of their behavior, you can show them how you would like them to act instead.

If you are planning to use spy cameras to improve your business, you need to think beyond just catching people doing things wrong, and look for cameras that can easily keep an eye on large areas of the store, recording not only the cash register area but also other areas where customers and employees interact. You’ll want to look at cameras that have a wide field of view, record audio as well as video, and record in high quality so that you can discern subtleties in tone of voice and facial expression.

Of course, you may not be using your spy cameras for business purposes. Many parents use hidden cameras to record Lawmate Products what’s going on in their home while they’re away. The most familiar of these uses is the nanny cam; this is a camera that records the activities of the sitter and children while the parents are away.
As your children get older, you may feel that instead of a nanny cam, you may feel you need a “teenager cam” installed in your family rooms to keep an eye on your teens and their guests, particularly guests of the opposite gender.

When you install a nanny camera, or a teen cam, you will want to look at spy cameras that are easy to conceal and hard for the recording subjects to turn off. You need a camera with a motion sensor, so that you don’t have to sift through hours and hours of footage with no one in it. And you need to record footage onto a hard drive, rather than a looped tape, so you can capture many hours of activity.

As you can see, you want to look at specific features for specific uses. Knowing what you want to do is one of the main factors in getting the right camera. But knowing what is available will also help you choose the features you need.

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