The Best Coffee Makers

There are so many different types of coffee makers available today with infinite features that it is hard to know which one is the best for you. Whether you want a rich cup of drip coffee, or a steaming hot cappuccino filled with a deep shot of espresso, coffee maker options abound. However, the large range of functionality, coupled with prices beginning at $20 and upwards of $2000, how can you know which one will satisfy your coffee craving?

Whether you want a good basic coffee maker or one that has programmable features, one that comes with a thermal carafe or one that can grind and brew all in one, we have listed a few of the favorites, as rated by both professional evaluators and everyday users.

Reviews include comments on such features as quality of flavor, brewing temperature, quality of construction, ease of use, durability, and heat retention. Other factors include programmable features, temperature control, and ease of cleaning.

Braun KF510

This no-frills automatic drip machine was rated best overall pour over coffee maker amazon for a basic coffee maker. The built-in Brita water filtration system improves the flavor of the coffee, and it brews at a hotter temperature than most other basic models. This unit is well constructed and durable, built to last.

Drawbacks included a lengthy brew time, no programmable features, and no automatic shut-off. The price is approximately $30, which makes this all-around favorite affordable for everyone.

Cuisinart DCC-1200

For around $80, you can purchase this top-rated, full-feature machine.

Users said the quality of taste from this automatic drip machine is excellent, and it comes with an adjustable temperature hot plate, allowing you to choose how hot you want your coffee. The machine is durable and reliable, with a full three-year warrantee. Ease of use features includes a programmable timer and convenient cleaning. Most said this coffee maker was worth the extra cost.

The only disadvantage mentioned is that some users wish the machine had a water level gauge. The unit has a special function to allow for making smaller amounts of coffee, and a gauge would make this feature more user-friendly.

Capresso MT500

At a cost of around $180, this coffee maker is the Rolls Royce of automatic drip machines, complete with all the luxury features. Rated best overall by The Wall Street Journal, this model brews your coffee hot and fast.

A built-in water filter makes the Capresso the highest rated model for taste. The thermal carafe will not allow the coffee to burn on the hot plate, yet it keeps the coffee hot and fresh for a full four hours.

The only drawbacks for this model were the price, and that the carafe can sometimes drip while coffee is being poured. The carafe can also overflow if it is not properly placed during brewing.

If price is an issue, the Zojirushi Fresh Brew is available for around $90 and it is an excellent, more economical alternative that is also highly rated for taste, quality, and reliability.

Technivorm Clubline

This coffee maker manufactured in the Netherlands has everyone infatuated not only the quality of the construction, but the superb quality of the brew as well. Articles have appeared in such magazines as Wine Connoisseur describing the richness of flavor produced by this coffee maker.

The unique design of this machine does not include a pump to push the water out of the heater, nor is it gravity-fed. Rather, the water in the heater must boil before it can transfer to the filter and brew the coffee. This guarantees the water will always brew your coffee at 200 degrees Fahrenheit – the optimal temperature to achieve the best flavor.

This coffee maker has the highest wattage available on the market, allowing the water to heat to brewing temperature in a very short period of time. Features include a quiet brew function and an adjustable temperature hot plate. Depending upon the model, you can get one with a glass pot or a thermal carafe.

Coffee connoisseurs report that this coffee maker allows various tones and flavors to be pulled out of the coffee that other coffee makers cannot, mostly because of the brewing temperature. The exquisite quality of the Technivorm Clubline has earned it certification with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), and overall kudos from everyone who owns one.

The only drawback to this fantastic coffee maker is the price. At upwards of $225, the cost is as impressive as the quality of the brew. Any owner will tell you, though, that the cost is well worth the rewards of the brew. It comes with a one-year guarantee, but satisfied users everywhere rave about the reliable workmanship of this model.



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