Testogen Ingredients

TestoGen has been in the market for quite a while now and has quickly earned its reputation as the strongest test booster. The main selling point of Testogen is that it is an all-natural alternative to harmful steroids or other testosterone booster supplements.

Some people opt for hormone replacement therapy which is very expensive and can have nasty side effects. Testogen on the other hand is way cheaper and much more effective without any drastic side effects.

Testogen Ingredients

The powerful formula of Testogen consists of natural extracts, vitamins & minerals which have been clinically tested and proven to boost testosterone production.

Tribulus Terrestis has been used since ancient times to treat male impotency. It’s a powerful natural herb that is proven to increase libido. It is sometimes referred to as “Devil’s Claw” and is also commonly used as an Anti-inflammatory agent.

Zinc is often called the “Youth mineral” as it is responsible for maintaining youthful aspect of body along with several other functions. Zinc is also a well-known Testogen Reviews aphrodisiac responsible of sperm quality and the intensity of male orgasms.D-Aspartic acid is probably the core ingredient here as it directly controls testosterone production in body. It is basically an amino acid which can boost testosterone levels in a matter of few days.Vitamin D is probably known for its role in maintaining strong bones but it also plays another important role by preventing conversion of testosterone to estrogen.Ginseng is another natural ingredient which is widely used in energy supplements as it enhances energy levels. This root plant is also a powerful aphrodisiac which helps in improving levels of testosterone and reigniting the lost libido.Selenium is a trace mineral which plays a key role in detoxifying your body. It promotes productions of antioxidants which in turn lead to increase in production of testosterone.Fenugreek is full of antioxidants that are necessary for normal functioning of human body. Fenugreek along-with Selenium can significantly boost testosterone level.

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