Oil Absorbent Booms and How to Deploy Them

Things to consider when deploying your oil booms
Firstly, it is important that you have enough booms to deal with the size of the oil spill so you can completely confine and absorb the spill. Once you have the right quantity for your worse case scenario spillage you should consider the following when deploying them:  Man Power Oil

Attach booms with clips and connecting rings
If you have to use multiple oil booms you should make sure that they are properly attached to each other before you deploy them. Some absorbent booms on the market have sturdy, easy-to-use clips and connecting rings which allow them to be overlapped and easily attached together to ensure effective containment and clean up. Overlapping is important to ensure liquid does not pass through the connection. Once they have been attached the oil-only booms simply just need to be deployed into the water or onto the ground making sure that the spill is completely surrounded.

Ensure booms are easy to retrieve
When deploying your oil booms in water it is important to place them near to the waters edge so that they are easy to retrieve. Ensure that you have heavy mechanical equipment in place or enough man power to retrieve fully saturated booms as they can be extremely heavy. Some booms on the market have high visibility ropes running through the length of them which makes retrieval easier and adds strength when deploying. Good quality ones will float on water even when fully saturated so that you can see when they have reached their capacity and can retrieve them easily. The bright white colour of oil booms also enables you to do this as they are easier to see in an outdoor environment.

Choose booms that are UV resistant
When deploying your oil-only booms it is important to consider how long they are likely to be left down for. If it is likely to be for a long period of time then you should make sure they are UV resistant. If they are not treated to be able to withstand long UV exposure the quality of the material may deteriorate and effective containment and clean up may not be achieved. The spill will have the chance to spread and cause further damage to the environment resulting in costly fines and a damaged reputation for your company. You only need to look at the damage that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has caused to realise the importance of being prepared with good quality spill supplies.

By employing the techniques above and considering how your booms will be used when deploying them you can ensure that any oil spills you have will be effectively contained and cleaned up.

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