GIA Diamond Grading Reports

Diamond grading reports are provided usually for diamonds over one carat and provides important information encompassing diverse aspects of the stone. Besides the GIA grading report, the GIA grading report with cut grade can also be opted for. If the customer opts for additional micro inscription on the diamond, its details are also provided in the comments section of the report.

Diamond dossier reports

The GIA diamond dossier is usually issued for diamonds under one carat and it provides information similar to the grading report. Unlike grading report that levies extra for laser inscription registry, the diamond dossier provides it free of charge. Thus details of the GIA report number micro-laser inscribed on the diamond 鑽石淨度 at the buyer’s request. Important limitations regarding the report are given at the back. The GIA diamond dossier with cut grade can also be availed of.

Details provided in GIA reports

While reports are provided in different formats, depending upon the weight of the stone and its type, the following details are present in each GIA report.

Report number: A unique number assigned to a diamond and registered in GIA’s global database.

Shape and cutting style: Details the shape of the diamond and how the various facets are cut.

Measurements: This includes dimensions of the diamond as minimum diameter – maximum diameter x depth (for round diamonds) or length x width x depth (for fancy shapes).

Weight: This is provided in carats

Proportions: Various characteristics of the diamond are underlined here. These include,

Table-Average size of the table facet in relation to the average diameter (for round diamonds). For fancy shapes this is measured as width of the table facet in relation to the width of the diamond.

Depth: For round shapes, this denotes the depth of the diamond with relation to the average diameter. For fancy shapes, this refers to width of diamond.

Girdle-Thickness of the girdle with relation to size or condition (faceted or polished) of the diamond.

Finish: This grades the polish and symmetry of a diamond, size, shape and placement of facets.

Culet: Details the size of the culet relative to size of diamond.

Polish: This provides information on the smoothness of the diamond and its overall condition.

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